eDice is the most robust system available in the drop-shipping business. Surprisingly, instead of charging the highest price, we will be charging the best price for our users.

We took out all complex pricing structure from eDice pricing. We want our users to grow, without having to pay higher fees. Here is what we are offering -

There is no minimum monthly payment.

Listing price Per Month ( All prices are in US Dollar)**

Number of Items listed
eDice Fee
Introductory Discount *
$0.15 50%
250 - 25000

- Pay only $0.40 per item for every successful Automatic Ordering. 

- Free repricing on all active listing.

- Free return handling support for all returned items.

- Free Immediate tracking upload

- Free Repricing Every Hour

- Free Create Listings

- Free Support Variants on eBay

- Free eBay Messages

- Free eBay VeRO Blacklist

- Free Listings Customs 

- Free Templates

- Free Listings Tools


* Only valid for first three (3) months from the account opening. 

** We will charge sellers on the basis of the Maximum number of Items Listed on any given day of each month.