Listings are created from products that are found from our source market website.

Once you have connected your source market with your target market in edice you can begin listing products in 2 simple steps.

Step 1

Finding Listings:

Find a product you wish to sell on eBay from one of our source market.

Once you have found your items, copy their ASIN product ID number's or  URL's.

Please Note: We are using Amazon as an example for our source market website.

Step 2

Create New Listings: 

On edice click on CREATE LISTINGS under LIST ITEMS menu.

To create a new listing, simply copy the URL or ASIN number in our easy to use List Creation tool.

Just paste in your Amazon products URL or ASIN into Create Listings box.

You can list multiple product items in one go! All the possible combinations of entering your product URL's or ASIN's is described below.

Finally click on List Items and you can then review your listings under REVIEW LISTINGS tab on your edice dashboard.