Go to https://www.ebay.com and create an account.

eDice integrates directly with eBay. We communicate with eBay  using an  API. Use of the API for eBay require a specific level of account. You will need to first create an account directly with eBay before connecting it with eDice

eBay requires that you register a selling account in order to use third party services.Please refer to the following links for ebay fees and charges along with new account .

        To open and maintain a store - eBay Store fees 

        To open and maintain individual account - eBay Individual Account Detail

You can start at your comfort level and then upgrade your eBay account as your number of listings grow. Create a catchy name for your eBay Store. Please note down the user ID and Password as you will need to connect your account from eDice.us to eBay.com.

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All users on eDice are verified by eBay, Amazon, and/or Shopify. Their ranks as sellers can be reviewed on these marketplaces. A third party information about the sellers on eDice is also available from Top eBay USA Marketplace Sellers